Event Specific Tournament Rules:
​NFHS Rules with Modifications:

Specialty Rules:
-Line up can consist of up to 11 players: 9 players - straight 9
10 players - batting 10 or 9 with flex/DP
11 players - batting 10 with EP and flex/DP

​-No Time limit for all games. Every game must have a winner, no games can end in a tie.

-Standard ITB if tied after 7 innings (runner on 2nd)

Run Rule: 15 after 3, 12 after 4, 8 after 5​

Coin Flip for all games to determine home and away. Every team must have a completed roster on the Triple Crown website with digital signatures from all parents/guardians

Game balls provided by Triple Crown - Bownet is the official Ball.

Coolers are NOT allowed in the complexes​

Pitchers may start back, but cannot step back to start pitch. While the pitcher takes the signal, her stride foot may be on or behind the pitcher’s plate as far back as desired.  Once the pitcher initially sets the toe of her stride foot, she CANNOT move it to increase the distance behind the pitcher’s plate.  In addition, the pitcher must take or appear to take a signal while in the pitching and signal-taking positions.

Players can wear different uniforms or have duplicate numbers as long as the umpire can differentiate the 2 players and they are legal alliance registered players on that roster. Illegal Bat - if a player is caught with an illegal bat, the player is automatically out and a warning is issued to the head coach. On the second offence by the same team, the head coach and player will be ejected for that game and one additional game.

All pitches including a pitchout must be legally pitched to the catcher and ball is live.

The team listed on the top of the bracket will occupy the 3rd base dugout, unless the team they are playing is already in that dugout from a previous game.

We will be using the written NFHS courtesy runner rule, which states the courtesy runner must be an eligible sub that has not been in the game at any capacity.

The tournament will provide balls.

Any roster protests must be accompanied by a $100 fee, be made at the plate by the opposing team’s manager only and presented before the final out has been recorded.  Triple Crown will provide due diligence in regards to the player’s eligibility and return the fee in the event of a successful protest.

Forfeit Time:
Game time is forfeit time unless a team is held up by a late running game. The the team will have 10 minutes to change fields. ​

Ejections/Illegal Players/Unsportsmanlike Behaviors:
-Any coach or player ejected from a game will sit out a minimum of the following game and up to one year at Triple Crown Sports discretion.

-The Triple Crown Sportsmanship Committee will be the final arbiter on all ejections and suspensions.  

-Ineligible players will be removed at the time of discovery and suspended for the remainder of the tournament.  The head coach will be removed from the game, suspended a minimum of one additional game and up to one year at the discretion of Triple Crown Sports.

-Rosters are frozen once play begins. Players may only play on one roster during the event. Violation of this rule we result in immediate removal of the player and/or team from the event.

All players must be 2023 high school graduates or younger.  

Line Ups:
Triple Crown allows the use of an EP/EH and the DP/Flex in the same lineup, if your team chooses to use this option. Click here for a sample of lineups you can use during a game, if applicable.

You participate in or attend this event at your own risk and will not hold Triple Crown Sports, city parks, the umpires or anyone else responsible for injury. All Teams have indicated they have insurance for these situations and have signed a release of liability.