1. Bat all players if desired.
2. Free substitutions. Please make sure substitutions do not postpone game.
3. 1:20 - Drop Dead or 7 innings.
4. Roster must be completed online at www.triplecrownsports.com, but no line-up cards will be taken and NO SCORES will be kept or posted during this event as we have NCAA coaches working the event and are unable to do so due to NCAA rules.

Teams must check-in at the tournament table. ​

General Triple Crown Fastpitch Tournament Rules*:

Triple Crown is not a sanctioning body, but in several events will follow basic National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Softball rules with a few modifications that are listed below..

While the pitcher takes the signal, her stride foot may be on or behind the pitcher’s plate as far back as desired. Once the pitcher initially sets the toe of her stride foot, she CANNOT move it to increase the distance behind the pitcher’s plate. In addition, the pitcher must take or appear to take a signal while in the pitching and signal-taking positions.

All pitches including a pitchout must be legally pitched to the catcher and ball is live.​

If any coach, parent, or player is asked to leave, the individual must sit out the remainder of the game and the following game. Refusal can lead to forfeiting  games or teams being asked to leave the event.

Pitching Distance will be 43 ft. for all age divisions. No metal cleats/spikes at Ball Parks of America.