Triple Crown Girls Fastpitch tournaments are non-sanctioned but are played using National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Softball rules with a few modifications, as listed below.

1. Pitching Modification: While the pitcher takes the signal, her stride foot may be on or behind the pitcher’s plate as far back as desired.  Once the pitcher initially sets the toe of her stride foot, she CANNOT move it to increase the distance behind the pitcher’s plate.  In addition, the pitcher must take or appear to take a signal while in the pitching and signal-taking positions.

2. One-Way Communication: A coach may use a one-way electronic communication device to communicate to the catcher for the purpose of calling pitches. Coaches may not use electronic communication device(s) to communicate with any other team member while on defense or any team member while on offense. When using the electronic communication device, the coach cannot be outside the dugout/bench area.  The communication device cannot be used for two-way communication and will carry the same penalty.

PENALTY: The umpire shall issue a team warning to coach of the team involved and the next offender(s) of that team will be ejected along with the head coach.

3. Intentional Walks: All pitches, including a pitchout, must be legally pitched to the catcher and ball is live.

4. Courtesy Runner: We will be using the written NFHS courtesy runner rule, which states the courtesy runner must be an eligible sub that has not been in the game at any capacity.

5. Lineup Modifications: Any option listed below may be used:

Option 1: Straight nine- Those nine can play any position on defense without reporting to the umpire.

Option 2: DP/Flex- 10 players are listed on the line-up, but only 9 bat. The DP can bat for any player that you designate prior to the start of the game. That player is designated as the Flex and should be listed in the 10th spot on the line-up card. Any of the 10 players can play on defense.

Option 3: EH/EP- This gives you the option to bat 10 players and any 9 can play defense. This player can be placed anywhere in the line-up.

Option 4: DP/Flex and the EP/EH- This allows you to have 11 players listed on the lineup, only 10 will bat any 9 of these players can play defensively. The Flex is listed at the bottom of the lineup.

It is NOT free substitution or bat your lineup during any game. Each team will need to turn in a lineup at the home plate meeting.

6. Run Rules: The run rule for all age groups is 10 runs after 4 innings or 8 runs after 5 innings.

7. Coin Flip: A coin flip will determine the home team for all games, including bracket and championship games.

8. ​Game Times: 1hr 30 mins finish the inning. Championship game will be 1hr 30 mins or 7 innings.

9. Ties: A pool game can end in a tie, but all bracket games must have a winner. Pool games will seed you into your bracket.

Two-Way Tie (Same Pool): 1. Win/Loss Record, 2. Head to Head, 3. Total Run Differential, 4. Least Runs Allowed, 5. Most Runs Scored, 6. Last Actual Run Differential (LAD) 7. Coin Flip.

Three-Way tie (Same Pool): 1. Total Run Differential, 2. Least Runs Allowed, 3. Most Runs Scored, 4. Last Actual Run Differential (LAD), 5. Coin Flip.

IMPORTANT: Maximum run spread per game is 7, regardless of score; forfeits are scored 7-0.​

10. Rosters: A full team roster must be uploaded to your Triple Crown Sports account prior to the start of the event. Each player must also have a valid up-to-date signed waiver on file before they step onto a field.  

*NO College Players or College Students are allowed to play in this event. ​First offense will be a warning, second you will forfeit the game.

11. Protests: This is a NO PROTEST event.

12. Ejections: Coaches, players and/or spectators who have been asked to leave the game must immediately depart the field and go to the parking lot. The ejected individual then must sit out the following game. Should an ejected coach/spectator not comply and begin to verbally/physically contest the ejection, the site director has the right to forfeit the game.

*The tournament director has the right to change format during the event.