​TC Fastpitch debuts P5 club event for June 2024

February 14, 2024

As high-achieving customers ask for events that maximize competition and reflect the 21st-century need to capture and understand performance data, Triple Crown Fastpitch is excited to announce an evolution in our tournament palate.

Superior club programs will join us for the inaugural P5 event, set for June 27-29, 2024 and merging the strengths found at TCS and College Sports Evaluation.

The debut tournament will be anchored at the two collegiate-sized fields located on the TCS campus in Fort Collins, CO., the same complex used for the NISC D-I postseason championship. We’ll also play at four other quality fields in the area. The P5 will be invite-only, drawing clubs with a talent base that reflects a Division I/Power 5 flavor, and teams can play here and make just one trip to the Front Range ahead of the world’s largest fastpitch event, the Colorado 4th of July.College coaches will also have the opportunity to observe amazing student-athletes at the Patriot Games in nearby Windsor, CO., with 40 top-notch teams from 14u through 18u.

We’re building this event with a dedicated group of high D-I/Power 5 college coaches who will attend and tune their sharp recruiting eye on the teams in action. For all three days, players and coaches will take advantage of analytics insight provided by College Sports Evaluation – a new performance lab capable of gathering data on pitching, hitting and on-field performance was built at Triple Crown in the fall of 2023.

Here are the programs committed to attend the P5 tournament debut:

Arizona Storm

Canadian U19 National Team (Pending)

Canadian Women’s National Team (Pending)


Fury Platinum

Georgia Impact

Louisville Lady Sluggers

Oklahoma Athletics


Tampa Mustangs

TC Colorado Women’s Team

Texas Glory

Virginia Unity

Warrior Academy

Event page: www.cosparkfire.com/p5.html

Contact:Krista Crawford


(970) 672-0522